Our Story

The Griffin brand was born with one bold objective, and that is to change how Car Insurance is delivered to customers.

Over the years, the insurance industry has offered the same experience, the same services and the same expectation, without changing a single thing. We heard your stories about how you wish your car insurance was better, how you would want claim settlement faster, phone calls shorter and the policy details much clearer and transparent, but they let you down every time you needed them the most.

There is only one explanation to it, it has always worked for them. As they continued to slack around, your needs and expectations kept changing, creating a huge gap that has become almost impossible to fill.
At Griffin, we have managed to get rid of traditional means of selling insurance. We have digitized the entire value chain so you have a seamless and improved experience. All this has been made possible through the Griffin car insurance App which uses the latest technologies to provide an easier, cheaper, faster and more efficient way of getting your car insurance.
We believe, your car insurance should be SMART…Simple, Mobile, Automated, Reliable and Transparent.
It's time to make that move, choose Griffin and Live Smart!!
Griffin App operates under LAMI insurance Agency, licenced by Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA).

What we are all about…

  • Customer-centric attitude that enables empathy with our customers
  • Creative and Innovative spirit that proactively seeks positive change
  • Cohesive and supportive team that promotes diversity and mutual respect
  • Young and vibrant workplace that fosters personal and professional development